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The Fashion Capital of the world has a lot of things that will mesmerise people in an unbelievable manner.


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If you really want to chill out and have an amazing experience Loire Valley is the ideal place for you.

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The France Museum is one of the most famous Museums in the world. It is visual treat and at the same time provides us with a lot of information about their rich history and heritage.

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Segway Tour is Paris city is something that you cannot afford to miss. It is one of the must do things that you will enjoy every moment.

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France - A Haven For Shopaholics

France is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and visited places on earth. One of the main reason why it receives so many people from around the world is due to its fashion industry France is extremely famous for its fashion and due to this generates a ton of revenue yearly. This haven for shopaholics is one such place which is bound to surprise and mesmerize every shopping fanatic as this place literally could be said as the place people visit to “ Shop till they drop.” If you are planning to go to France just to shop then, this article is perfect for as we have carefully filtered through the various cities in France to provide you the best places to shop on in France. Without any more delay here are the top five places to shop in France if you want to experience the best and nothing but the rest.  

1) Paris -

We all know that this list would be incomplete if Paris wasn't on this list and why not, the city of lights is one among the top fashion capitals of the world. It is a perfect place where one can go and find anything and everything they want related to fashion. All the way from top designer dresses to the best accessories from the top label brands and thrifty little stores can be found here. The most common visited and loved places in Paris to shop are Boulevard Saint Germain, Rue Du Bac, Bon Marché. The shopping places in Paris are so exquisite that few even serve your partner food and champaign while you go around their store looking and shopping for beautiful dresses. One of the key aspects which makes this such a beautiful place to shop is because it caters to people of various taste and also ensures that there is something for everyone out there.

2) Lyon -

Lyon is one of the largest city in France and the reason why it makes it among the top of this list is because of its beautiful designs of clothing that it has to offer to various people. This is one such place where you can constantly find street music and theater thus making your shopping experience much more fun and exciting. The vibrant city is a common sight of people who want to get the best-designed clothes for a reasonable price. The city is one among the very few cities which offer budget-friendly shopping delight to people but don't worry despite the lesser rate the quality of clothing does not decrease.

3) Bordeaux -

Bordeaux is one of the busiest places in France due to the variety of shopping places it has. All the way from malls to the tiny stores always has something to cater to someone. The place is claimed to have the country's longest pedestrianized shopping street and it probably due to this the place is always jam packed with tourists.

4) Montpellier -

Montpellier is one of the most beautiful and lively towns in France and if you ever visit France and love to window shop then make sure to make this place one of your stops. The best places which can help you magnify your shopping experience in Montpellier are lace de la Comédie, Marché Du Lez and  Centre Commercial Le Polygone. Montpellier is filled with beautiful buildings along with breathtaking architecture which is bound to make anyone fall in love with them just with a single glance. The place is extremely famous for open market shopping as you can find various beautiful casual dress up designs just while walking down the lane.

5) Lille -

Lille is a small town located in the north of France and the mere reason why it is making it onto this list is because of the fashion it has to offer to the travelers especially during the Christmas season. The town has a rich historical past and you can even see the original architecture in most of the building from when they were designed many years ago. The place has an extremely positive environment and is often filled with travelers all throughout the year.  The most common places to shop in Lille are Euralille and Centre commercial Les Tanneurs.          

4 Things To Keep In Mind While In France

While traveling to any part of the world, most of us forget the basic rules due to all the fun and hyped up excitement. Having fun is perfectly fine, but with this, we must make sure that we follow the basic manners which can help make the experience much better. France, the city of love, is often described as the “Go to place for a romantic experience.” While this fact might be true one must also ensure to make sure to know the basic things about the place before making any form of mistake which can end up in embarrassment or even jail time. Hence here are the 4 Do’s and Don'ts to keep in mind while traveling to France to make the traveling experience even better.

The Do’s

1) Learn the correct pronunciation of words before using them -

Most of us love using French words while having a conversation regardless of them being right or wrong. While this is generally not okay where you live, but it is definitely not okay in France. We do manage to learn many words while watching various movies on the big screen but never learn the correct pronunciation of those words, so before you go to France and start using all the French vocabulary you know, make sure to learn the correct pronunciation of those words to avoid any form of misunderstanding.

2) Make sure to look your best at all times -

If you're in France make sure to take time to dress up and look your best as you are at one of the most fashionable places on earth. Whether you are planning to dress up for leisure or for an event make sure to look your best at all times to create a good impression.

3) Make sure to carry a gift if you're being invited somewhere -

France is one such place where people love to socialize so if you happen to make any new friends there and get invited to their house for any reason make sure you carry a gift with you when you go to their place. The most common gift presented there is either a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flower so make sure to make a pit stop at the local market to pick them out.

4) Tipping is necessary -

While it might be okay not to tip in the rest of the world, tipping in France is more of a compulsion. Generally, it is included in the tip under the 15% service tax, but people are still inclined to pay a little more in a bid to embrace common courtesy.

The Don’ts

1) Do not bring up sensitive topics -

It is common knowledge if you are going to someplace not to bring up a sensitive topic of that place as you might end up hurting the local people's sentiments without even knowing it. Thus to avoid conflict, make sure you stay away from topics such as politics, religion and most importantly their spots and traditions.

2) Do not take cabs everywhere you go -

Every city in France has a beautiful and rich heritage to showcase the world, and by taking cabs everywhere, you are ensuring to miss out on a lot of things. Instead of cabs consider the option of walking around various places or renting and taking a cycle to travel and visit various places in the specific region you are receding.

3) Do not start speaking in English right away -

As you are traveling to another country make sure to understand one thing “Not all the people of that country will know your language.” Make sure for the person in front of you to start speaking and then try to use either a translator or possibly anything else to make them understand what you require or are trying to convey.

4) Do not visit just the places you have heard about -

Many a time as a tourist we generally make the mistake of only visiting the spots which we might have heard of from another person or seen on television. Apart from the Eiffel tower and a few other places, there are so many beautiful attractions in France. Rather than spending all your time visiting crowded tourist spots you could go to the outskirts of France and experience its true heritage and beauty.
notre dame Fire

Arise Notre Dame!

In the light of the recent tragedy that befell the historic and mighty Notre Dame, it feels only right to brush up on our facts about Notre Dame and learn more about how treacherous fire engulfed this beautiful piece of history. Notre Dame has suffered. Paris has suffered. The entire country and culture of France have suffered, and how! Help and financial support has been pouring in since the news of the Notre Dame fire spread like wildfire and though, the financial aid might help in a quick restructuring of the cathedral, it will definitely cost France few years before the scars from the tragedy heal.

Notre Dame- from the pages of history

Notre Dame is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris and has been known to lure tourists in flocks every year. The name translates to ‘Our Lady’ in English and its importance cannot be put into mere words. Notre Dame, as is already known, is where the seat of the archbishop of Paris is. The cathedral has a unique gothic appeal to it and is a quintessential architectural masterpiece. Notre Dame has been a steadfast witness to several historical events throughout several centuries. It has suffered the ravages of time, yet stood its test and emerged stronger than ever. Henry VI of England and Napolean Bonaparte are just a few of the many names that one can associate in context of history, with this supremely historical structure of Notre Dame. They were crowned in this very cathedral, events which itself vouch for the part Notre Dame had to play in history.  April 15, 2019, was not the only time in history that Notre Dame faced the ravages of fire. It had earlier been caught in a fire sometime in the 13th century, and thus, the recent breakout was just history repeating itself.

April 15, 2019- A day that shall go down in history

The morning of April 15, 2019, woke up to a vicious fire that broke out in Notre Dame. The fire supposedly started in the curiously shaped attic and spread quickly like an inferno. The fire which caused severe damages to the cathedral also accounted for the destruction of its 300-foot spire, a landmark that was quite recently put under renovation. Without warning, the spire collapsed in a matter of few minutes, until only its ghost remained buried in the dust. Though the firefighters were quite nimble on their feet and tried their very best to reach the place, the worse damage was already done, and most of Notre Dame was burnt to a crisp. The tragic event of Notre Dame raises few pertinent questions about the recklessness of human beings and serves as a quick reminder that no structure or living being is immune to the fatal clutches of fire, which is why it is imperative that human beings adopt extra precautions to avoid such tragic incidents. Though Notre Dame has suffered one of the worst fires in its history, and though the wounds from it will take time to heal, the entire world stands in solidarity with Notre Dame, and sends out good wishes to this wonderful structure in history. Notre Dame shall rise and stand taller, stronger and fiercer than ever.  

France And Its Traditions

Many of the hopeless romantics out there, which includes me too, might have been intrigued by the French culture, rituals, traditions and the country in its entirety. France does have a certain mysticism about itself which makes it so appealing to the people situated away from the country. The country is drunk on love, fashion, and beauty, and it exudes culture in a way that perhaps no other country could. France and the term ‘culture’ can be regarded as synonymous, as it is nearly impossible to imagine France without a constant and immediate reference to its rich culture. An interesting fact to note here is that the word ‘culture’ is translated from the French word ‘colere’, which means to cultivate and nurture. So you see, France and culture are indeed inseparable! From nurturing few of the world’s best landmarks and historical monuments to the most delectable dishes, the culture of France brags of more, in utmost panache and elan. This article aims at gaining a greater insight into the lifestyle and tradition of France because let us face it; it requires no special occasion to celebrate a thing of beauty.

The Celebrations, the Glory:

Ask a person who has never been to France, and they shall say that French people are high on life.  This is a schema that we have formed in our minds, and that is not entirely wrong. This is what we see in the movies, and that is what we read in the books. If there were one correct way to live life, then that would be the French way indeed. France has countless occasions that they celebrate throughout the year. However, the Mardi Gras and the Bastille Day forms the most important ones.

Bastille Day-

Every year, on July 14th, France observes a national holiday and celebrates the day as Bastille Day. This is regarded as a significant day in the history of France and commemorates the day when the Bastille, a signifier of absolute power and dictatorship was stormed by the citizens of France, marking the genesis of the French Revolution.  This day signifies the power of common men and proves that unity is indeed the greatest strength. The solemn day is celebrated as a reminder to the fact that when power runs amok, it becomes imperative to join forces and bring down tyranny, once and for all

Mardi Gras-

Mardi Gras is celebrated in France with great pomp and show. The festival falls almost forty days before Easter and is marked by a series of events which assumes the shape of a carnival. Mardi Gras translates to ‘Fat Tuesday,’ and its celebration in France can be traced back to 1294. Mardi Gras requires believers to eat, rejoice and celebrate before a period of fasting rituals commence. The period ends with the celebration of Easter. It requires no mention, but Mardi Gras is one of the most important festivals of France and brings together its people in an exuberant union.

The Lifestyle of France:

Like it has been already established, people of French are high on life and celebrate each moment as they come. It shall be no exaggeration, but “Carpe Diem” is indeed the war cry of the French lifestyle.  From bragging of the best culinary practices to the chic and upscale fashion, the people of France know how to live life to their fullest. Sit in a café and read a French classic, or sip on a glass of red wine, you cannot go wrong as soon as you step foot on this intoxicating and ethereal land. The land reeks of history but is not stuck up in the time warp. It juxtaposes its past with its present in a unique union and keeps other countries on the face of the planet intrigued. Thus, in a nutshell, the culture and tradition of France are one that creates a definitive allure and makes it the best tourist destination, for people who crave for mysticism and adventure, but also love and light.  

France’s Prized Possession: The Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, also called La Gioconda was the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo. The world famous Leonardo Da Vinci painted the painting of hers on a piece of wood. In the original state, the Mona Lisa is 77x53cm and is officially owned by the French Government and is mounted on the wall in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The talented Da Vinci envisioned the figure of a woman who is dressed in Florentine fashion of her day and is seated in a beautiful mountain landscape. Her expression is enigmatic and seems both aloof and perfectly alluring; this has given the portrait universal fame and immense attention. With his Mona Lisa, Da Vinci incepted a new formula to the world of art and at the same time more majestic and more exciting poetic significance to the painting. The painting alone is a timeless enigma; the soul is right there but not accessible. Here are some facts you may not know about the masterpiece: Leonardo Da Vinci started working on this painting while staying in his origin which was Italy. He did not complete it until he moved to France because the king Francois I requested him to do so. The king actually displayed the painting in his palace where it stayed for a century. When the 19th century began, Napoleon Bonaparte hung the painting is his own boudoir. It is indeed a painting but not a canvas because Da Vinci’s famous masterpieces are painted on a popular plank. Renaissance masters preferred to use wood as a base for their artworks. The Mona Lisa has been granted her own room in the Louvre Museum in Paris. After they initiated a 4 year renovation which came up to $6.3 million the museum authorities decided to grant the painting a separate room with a glass ceiling which lets in tons of natural light, a shatterproof glass display which maintains a controlled temperature of 43 degrees (F) and a small spotlight which brings out the true colors. The right eye of the Mona Lisa has the initials “L.V.” after some microscopic scrutiny the Italian National Committee Of Cultural Heritage announced the above fact in 2010. When the painting was stolen, Pablo Picasso a world-renowned painter was under suspicion for the theft. Officials even briefly arrested poet Guillaume Apollinaire because he had once said that the painting should have been burned. Not all the people who know about the Mona Lisa are fans. Vandals have indeed attempted to harm Da Vinci’s masterpiece. In 1956 one individual threw acid at the painting, and another pelted a rock at it. The damage is faint but noticeable. After the bulletproof glass was installed it repelled spray paint in 1974 and a coffee cup in 2009. The Mona Lisa cannot be purchased or sold since she is genuinely priceless according to the French heritage law.

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