4 Things To Keep In Mind While In France

While traveling to any part of the world, most of us forget the basic rules due to all the fun and hyped up excitement. Having fun is perfectly fine, but with this, we must make sure that we follow the basic manners which can help make the experience much better.

France, the city of love, is often described as the “Go to place for a romantic experience.” While this fact might be true one must also ensure to make sure to know the basic things about the place before making any form of mistake which can end up in embarrassment or even jail time. Hence here are the 4 Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while traveling to France to make the traveling experience even better.

The Do’s

1) Learn the correct pronunciation of words before using them –

Most of us love using French words while having a conversation regardless of them being right or wrong. While this is generally not okay where you live, but it is definitely not okay in France. We do manage to learn many words while watching various movies on the big screen but never learn the correct pronunciation of those words, so before you go to France and start using all the French vocabulary you know, make sure to learn the correct pronunciation of those words to avoid any form of misunderstanding.


2) Make sure to look your best at all times –

If you’re in France make sure to take time to dress up and look your best as you are at one of the most fashionable places on earth. Whether you are planning to dress up for leisure or for an event make sure to look your best at all times to create a good impression.

3) Make sure to carry a gift if you’re being invited somewhere –

France is one such place where people love to socialize so if you happen to make any new friends there and get invited to their house for any reason make sure you carry a gift with you when you go to their place. The most common gift presented there is either a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flower so make sure to make a pit stop at the local market to pick them out.

4) Tipping is necessary –

While it might be okay not to tip in the rest of the world, tipping in France is more of a compulsion. Generally, it is included in the tip under the 15% service tax, but people are still inclined to pay a little more in a bid to embrace common courtesy.

The Don’ts

1) Do not bring up sensitive topics –

It is common knowledge if you are going to someplace not to bring up a sensitive topic of that place as you might end up hurting the local people’s sentiments without even knowing it. Thus to avoid conflict, make sure you stay away from topics such as politics, religion and most importantly their spots and traditions.

2) Do not take cabs everywhere you go –

Every city in France has a beautiful and rich heritage to showcase the world, and by taking cabs everywhere, you are ensuring to miss out on a lot of things. Instead of cabs consider the option of walking around various places or renting and taking a cycle to travel and visit various places in the specific region you are receding.

3) Do not start speaking in English right away –

As you are traveling to another country make sure to understand one thing “Not all the people of that country will know your language.” Make sure for the person in front of you to start speaking and then try to use either a translator or possibly anything else to make them understand what you require or are trying to convey.

4) Do not visit just the places you have heard about –

Many a time as a tourist we generally make the mistake of only visiting the spots which we might have heard of from another person or seen on television. Apart from the Eiffel tower and a few other places, there are so many beautiful attractions in France. Rather than spending all your time visiting crowded tourist spots you could go to the outskirts of France and experience its true heritage and beauty.