France And Its Traditions

Many of the hopeless romantics out there, which includes me too, might have been intrigued by the French culture, rituals, traditions and the country in its entirety. France does have a certain mysticism about itself which makes it so appealing to the people situated away from the country. The country is drunk on love, fashion, and beauty, and it exudes culture in a way that perhaps no other country could. France and the term ‘culture’ can be regarded as synonymous, as it is nearly impossible to imagine France without a constant and immediate reference to its rich culture. An interesting fact to note here is that the word ‘culture’ is translated from the French word ‘colere’, which means to cultivate and nurture. So you see, France and culture are indeed inseparable! From nurturing few of the world’s best landmarks and historical monuments to the most delectable dishes, the culture of France brags of more, in utmost panache and elan. This article aims at gaining a greater insight into the lifestyle and tradition of France because let us face it; it requires no special occasion to celebrate a thing of beauty.

The Celebrations, the Glory:

Ask a person who has never been to France, and they shall say that French people are high on life.  This is a schema that we have formed in our minds, and that is not entirely wrong. This is what we see in the movies, and that is what we read in the books. If there were one correct way to live life, then that would be the French way indeed. France has countless occasions that they celebrate throughout the year. However, the Mardi Gras and the Bastille Day forms the most important ones.

Bastille Day-

Every year, on July 14th, France observes a national holiday and celebrates the day as Bastille Day. This is regarded as a significant day in the history of France and commemorates the day when the Bastille, a signifier of absolute power and dictatorship was stormed by the citizens of France, marking the genesis of the French Revolution.  This day signifies the power of common men and proves that unity is indeed the greatest strength. The solemn day is celebrated as a reminder to the fact that when power runs amok, it becomes imperative to join forces and bring down tyranny, once and for all

Mardi Gras-

Mardi Gras is celebrated in France with great pomp and show. The festival falls almost forty days before Easter and is marked by a series of events which assumes the shape of a carnival. Mardi Gras translates to ‘Fat Tuesday,’ and its celebration in France can be traced back to 1294. Mardi Gras requires believers to eat, rejoice and celebrate before a period of fasting rituals commence. The period ends with the celebration of Easter. It requires no mention, but Mardi Gras is one of the most important festivals of France and brings together its people in an exuberant union.


The Lifestyle of France:

Like it has been already established, people of French are high on life and celebrate each moment as they come. It shall be no exaggeration, but “Carpe Diem” is indeed the war cry of the French lifestyle.  From bragging of the best culinary practices to the chic and upscale fashion, the people of France know how to live life to their fullest. Sit in a café and read a French classic, or sip on a glass of red wine, you cannot go wrong as soon as you step foot on this intoxicating and ethereal land. The land reeks of history but is not stuck up in the time warp. It juxtaposes its past with its present in a unique union and keeps other countries on the face of the planet intrigued.

Thus, in a nutshell, the culture and tradition of France are one that creates a definitive allure and makes it the best tourist destination, for people who crave for mysticism and adventure, but also love and light.