France – A Haven For Shopaholics

France is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and visited places on earth. One of the main reason why it receives so many people from around the world is due to its fashion industry

France is extremely famous for its fashion and due to this generates a ton of revenue yearly. This haven for shopaholics is one such place which is bound to surprise and mesmerize every shopping fanatic as this place literally could be said as the place people visit to “ Shop till they drop.” If you are planning to go to France just to shop then, this article is perfect for as we have carefully filtered through the various cities in France to provide you the best places to shop on in France. Without any more delay here are the top five places to shop in France if you want to experience the best and nothing but the rest.


1) Paris –

We all know that this list would be incomplete if Paris wasn’t on this list and why not, the city of lights is one among the top fashion capitals of the world. It is a perfect place where one can go and find anything and everything they want related to fashion. All the way from top designer dresses to the best accessories from the top label brands and thrifty little stores can be found here. The most common visited and loved places in Paris to shop are Boulevard Saint Germain, Rue Du Bac, Bon Marché. The shopping places in Paris are so exquisite that few even serve your partner food and champaign while you go around their store looking and shopping for beautiful dresses. One of the key aspects which makes this such a beautiful place to shop is because it caters to people of various taste and also ensures that there is something for everyone out there.

2) Lyon –

Lyon is one of the largest city in France and the reason why it makes it among the top of this list is because of its beautiful designs of clothing that it has to offer to various people. This is one such place where you can constantly find street music and theater thus making your shopping experience much more fun and exciting. The vibrant city is a common sight of people who want to get the best-designed clothes for a reasonable price. The city is one among the very few cities which offer budget-friendly shopping delight to people but don’t worry despite the lesser rate the quality of clothing does not decrease.

3) Bordeaux –

Bordeaux is one of the busiest places in France due to the variety of shopping places it has. All the way from malls to the tiny stores always has something to cater to someone. The place is claimed to have the country’s longest pedestrianized shopping street and it probably due to this the place is always jam packed with tourists.

4) Montpellier –

Montpellier is one of the most beautiful and lively towns in France and if you ever visit France and love to window shop then make sure to make this place one of your stops. The best places which can help you magnify your shopping experience in Montpellier are lace de la Comédie, Marché Du Lez and  Centre Commercial Le Polygone. Montpellier is filled with beautiful buildings along with breathtaking architecture which is bound to make anyone fall in love with them just with a single glance. The place is extremely famous for open market shopping as you can find various beautiful casual dress up designs just while walking down the lane.

5) Lille –

Lille is a small town located in the north of France and the mere reason why it is making it onto this list is because of the fashion it has to offer to the travelers especially during the Christmas season. The town has a rich historical past and you can even see the original architecture in most of the building from when they were designed many years ago. The place has an extremely positive environment and is often filled with travelers all throughout the year.  The most common places to shop in Lille are Euralille and Centre commercial Les Tanneurs.