Pertinence Of Nice & Its History To The Modern World

Nice, the seventh-most populous urban city in France, sits cosily in the French Riviera, on the south coast of France of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s titled as the second biggest city on the Mediterranean coast. Nice found its first settlements about 400,000 years ago and has been claimed to have been found circa 350 BC by the Greeks of Massalia. It earned its name, which originally was Nikaia, from a victory against its neighbouring countries. A small hillock over the town was once named Nike, which meant victory. This also gave birth to their own dialect called Nissart.

Throughout the eons, the city has changed hands many times and it is an extraordinary experience to visit this place for a vacation with a luxury car from providers like From a contemporary perspective, Nice has become the hub for science & technological developments. With the development of prominent R&D centres like Acropolis and Sophia Antipolis, the city has since then dabbled in research. The famous Palais de Congres is one convention centre which has been maintaining reputation amongst other prodigious attractions.

The climate of the city is mostly tepid with occasional sultry days from the warm winds ingressing the city from the Mediterranean Sea. Speaking of which, aeons of weathering has deposited on the beaches of Nice unusually soft stones, which emanate an aura-luxurious around the place. This quality can be attributed to the rivers Var and Paillon.

A place of importance happens to be The Bay of Angels. The history behind this is almost phenomenal. During the 3rd century, a Christian was forced to renounce her faith, across the far Mediterranean. She refused to do that and so, was tortured and put under many a trial, which she endured through and held ground. But she was executed and was left to drift away on a raft, to the mercy of seagulls, across the Mediterranean. Historians claim that Angels guided the raft right to the bay of Nice, where the body was reclaimed pristine, & which was observed as a miracle. And hence, the place was rightfully named The Bay of Angels.


Medieval Castle is a fortress that sits perched atop the hillock above the Old Town, which was originally built to secure the chateau & the hilltop village. It was almost apotheosized as the most impenetrable fort the Mediterranean could ever be favoured with. A time came when the hilltop village was getting too choked with the general populace, and a decision was made to relocate the village downhill, to where modern-day Nice is clustered. At the time, Jews were forced to stay on a one-gated street called Street of the Jews, where they were incarcerated come night. The non-Jewish who’d lived harmoniously with the Jews decided to co-operate with the Jews into building an intricacy of tunnels which led back to the village. This popularly became known as the Jewish Ghetto.

This is only a sliver of the marvellous history that Nice has had its share to. There exist many more fascinating facts about this masterpiece of a city and many more places waiting to be discovered with a luxury car rental like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.