notre dame Fire

Arise Notre Dame!

In the light of the recent tragedy that befell the historic and mighty Notre Dame, it feels only right to brush up on our facts about Notre Dame and learn more about how treacherous fire engulfed this beautiful piece of history. Notre Dame has suffered. Paris has suffered. The entire country and culture of France have suffered, and how! Help and financial support has been pouring in since the news of the Notre Dame fire spread like wildfire and though, the financial aid might help in a quick restructuring of the cathedral, it will definitely cost France few years before the scars from the tragedy heal.

Notre Dame- from the pages of history

Notre Dame is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris and has been known to lure tourists in flocks every year. The name translates to ‘Our Lady’ in English and its importance cannot be put into mere words. Notre Dame, as is already known, is where the seat of the archbishop of Paris is. The cathedral has a unique gothic appeal to it and is a quintessential architectural masterpiece. Notre Dame has been a steadfast witness to several historical events throughout several centuries. It has suffered the ravages of time, yet stood its test and emerged stronger than ever. Henry VI of England and Napolean Bonaparte are just a few of the many names that one can associate in context of history, with this supremely historical structure of Notre Dame. They were crowned in this very cathedral, events which itself vouch for the part Notre Dame had to play in history.  April 15, 2019, was not the only time in history that Notre Dame faced the ravages of fire. It had earlier been caught in a fire sometime in the 13th century, and thus, the recent breakout was just history repeating itself.

April 15, 2019- A day that shall go down in history

The morning of April 15, 2019, woke up to a vicious fire that broke out in Notre Dame. The fire supposedly started in the curiously shaped attic and spread quickly like an inferno. The fire which caused severe damages to the cathedral also accounted for the destruction of its 300-foot spire, a landmark that was quite recently put under renovation. Without warning, the spire collapsed in a matter of few minutes, until only its ghost remained buried in the dust. Though the firefighters were quite nimble on their feet and tried their very best to reach the place, the worse damage was already done, and most of Notre Dame was burnt to a crisp.

The tragic event of Notre Dame raises few pertinent questions about the recklessness of human beings and serves as a quick reminder that no structure or living being is immune to the fatal clutches of fire, which is why it is imperative that human beings adopt extra precautions to avoid such tragic incidents. Though Notre Dame has suffered one of the worst fires in its history, and though the wounds from it will take time to heal, the entire world stands in solidarity with Notre Dame, and sends out good wishes to this wonderful structure in history. Notre Dame shall rise and stand taller, stronger and fiercer than ever.